In September 2014, I, like many Americans around the country shockingly viewed a news report broadcast by my local TV station about former Alaska KTVA reporter, Charlo Greene. At the end of her on-air news report, Ms. Green dropped the F-Bomb, and tendered her video resignation to her bosses at KTVA television. Apparently, Greene was tired of hiding the fact that she was moonlighting as the Founder and CEO of the Alaska Cannabis Club, in addition to her day job as a news reporter the television station. Initially, I sat in front of my television stunned, mouth agape and in disbelief that anyone would end their career in such a brazen, and irrational manner.

However, nearly two years later, I have had a change of heart about what I termed as Greene’s “irrationality” regarding her decision to quit her job on live TV. Nevertheless, while I still think quitting on air was a bit much–if Greene was trying to create some early buzz, and gain some free publicity for the Alaska Cannabis Club which she profess—I mean confessed to own during a live broadcast. Well, I think Greene’s strategy may have worked in garnering more attention for the rapidly growing Legal Marijuana industry in the United States, if not the Alaska Cannabis Club.

The Medical Marijuana industry took root in 2004 when California passed its law which allowed for the sale of Medical Marijuana, and its progeny of related medicinal products. Even more, since the legalization of Medical Marijuana in California—other western states like Colorado, Washington, and Oregon have followed suit, and gone even further by legalizing the consumption of marijuana for purely recreational purposes. The increase in the numbers of states joining the legalized marijuana movement is growing steadily each subsequent year. Currently there are 23 states that have some form of legalized marijuana legislation on the books, and by the end of 2016, it is anticipated that at least six more states will join the ranks of America’s legalized, and growing weedosphere.

Moreover, taking into account the fact that the legalized marijuana industry will top out at nearly $7 Billion in legal marijuana sales in 2016—one can see why new crops of marijuana entrepreneurs are sprouting up in cities, and states throughout the U.S. According to industry commentators, the marijuana industry will generate more than $21 Billion in sales by 2020.

Names for Start-Ups Entering the Legal Marijuana Industry

Ergo, in anticipation of new entrants into the Legal Marijuana industry in 2016, and thereafter—we at Dynametry thought that we might try our hand at creating some Marijuana names for up, and coming marijuana start-ups, and entrepreneurs to ponder. 000351__Grassanova_Logo